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What are Ethiopian Airways like?

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There is no denying that the airline industry in Africa is undergoing a phenomenal revolution and at the vanguard of this change is Ethiopian Airways. Since inception in December 1945, the airline has grown from its humble beginnings to become one of the most recognized in the continent and even in the world. It is no wonder that the cargo section of the airline won the acclaimed African Cargo Airline of the Year in 2011.

The accolades do not stop there and as the US Today reports Ethiopian Airways was the third airline to fly the magnificent Boeing 787 Dreamliner a milestone by any standards. The airline simply known as The Ethiopian flies to 62 international destinations and prides itself in flying more destinations in Africa than the competition. The question is; what are Ethiopian airways like? To appreciate the level of service, here are some of the main aspects of the airline.

Ethiopian Airways Baggage Limit
For any traveler, the concern over baggage limit is always a great concern. Ethiopian is renowned for its concern for you as a traveler and the price of your ticket is inclusive of some amount of baggage. According to the company’s website, baggage allowance is set by weight but differs depending on the booking class and destination. For example, maximum weight limit is 23 kg for economy class and 32 kg for business class if you are flying across the Atlantic. Other considerations include card membership including ShebaMiles Gold, silver and Star Gold membership and the class such as Cloud Nine and Economy.

Ethiopian Airways Hand Luggage
Like all airlines, Ethiopian Airline allows some cabin carry-on luggage. These could include handbags or laptop bags, a camera, a laptop with accessories, carrying basket, infant’s food, reading materials, prosthetic devices or a wheel chair and such-like materials. In the business class, you can carry two pieces weighing 8 kg free of charge while for the economy class, 1 piece weighing 7 kg is acceptable. In all cases, your luggage should be compact to allow storage in the overhead rack. To avoid complications during travel, it is crucial to avoid excess and damageable baggage. For any valuable gods such as PDAs and jewelry, always take them along with your hand baggage.

Ethiopian Airways Business Class
With globalization, you might be forced to travel regularly and the airlines mercurial business class defines what are Ethiopian airways like. The airline’s business class is aptly christened Cloud Nine and for a good reason. As a passenger flying on Cloud Nine, you will enjoy onboard amenities including a toothbrush and paste, lip balm, ear plug, eye shade among others.

Drinks ranging from juice to liquor and hors de houvres will definitely make this flying experience a delight. Additionally, you can also enjoy sleeper seats, audio and video on- demand, reading materials such as copies of the Washington Post, The Economist among others. If you are travelling with kids, coloring books and story books can also be provided.

Ethiopian Airways Pregnancy
If pregnant, you can still enjoy the elegance of flying with Ethiopian Airways. Women who are 32 weeks pregnant after filling a pregnancy certificate form. A physician issues such a form of travel seven days before travel but for your own well being, always consult a physician just before boarding.

Ethiopian Airways Accidents
The Aviation Safety Network (ASN) has recorded about 58 incidents involving the airline since inception. has also recorded five crash records the main one involving a Boeing 760 in 1996. Despite several hijacking episodes and crashes, ASN still rates the airline as one of the safest in Africa.
If you want to experience the new spirit of Africa, then this brief summary answers your question on what are Ethiopian airways like.

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