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The reliability of Ethiopian Airways

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Ethiopian airline is one of Africa’s youngest airliners to join the league of other African based airliners. It is rapidly growing, spreading its wings all over Africa and the entire globe. It’s stamping its authority within east and Central Africa with its exquisite services, with in-flight cabin personnel trained to cater to your every single need. In the subsequent paragraphs, we shall try and delve into some of their day-to-day activities.

Ethiopian Airways fleet
At the moment, the national courier boasts of an amazing fleet of aircrafts which truly make it “the new spirit of Africa”. They range in both size and sophistication of the aircraft, they include; Long Range passenger service – 5 Boeing 777-200LR, 12 – Boeing 767-300er, Medium range passenger services- 4- Boeing 757-200ER, 5- Boeing 737-700NG and 7 – Boeing 737-800W. When it comes to regional operations, they makes use of; 8 -Q400 DHC-8 while cargo movement is enhanced by 2 – Boeing 757-260F, 2 – MD-11F and lastly 2-Boeing 747-200F

Ethiopian Airways flights
With Ethiopian airways flights, they are designed to leave an everlasting memory in all who use the airlines services. Currently, the airline flies to 56 destinations globally, among them 17 being within regional, 14 middle-East and Asian destinations, 9- European and American destinations.

Its cargo route includes a total of 22 routes, with a total of 13 being within Africa, 7 within Asia and the middle-East and the rest in Europe.

Ethiopian Airways baggage
Ensuring a passenger gets his/her luggage is just as important as ensuring they have a comfortable flight as this increases the trust within the passenger. Passengers are advised to compile a check list every time you take a journey as this makes securing of your baggage easier on your end. Also, hand baggage and a certain amount of load are free as per the company policy. In the event you have excess weight, you get charged a certain amount depending on several factors i.e. booking class.

Ethiopian Airways safety
When it comes to security, nothing is left to chance. There are vigorous tests and examinations which the airlines aircrafts are passed through before take-off in accordance to IATA and the local airworthiness regulations and standards.

Flight attendants are also well trained on how to handle emergency situations.
Ethiopian Airways maintenance

With every single machine, maintenance is critical for efficiency and safety. Ethiopian Airlines fleet of airplanes undergoes thorough inspection and maintenance from qualified aeronautical and aerospace engineers. Each flight has a certificate of airworthiness and is certified for operations.

Ethiopian Airways hijack
With the ever growing threats of terrorism and hijacking, security checks are really tight around and within the airport itself. With state of the art equipment, passengers undergo screening and check-ups before and after boarding the aircraft. There is also the presence of an air marshal in each flight so as to enhance peace and tranquility. A rumor saying that Ethiopian Airways always have a Israeli safety officer on-board.

Ethiopian Airways offices
The airline has several offices all over the globe, with its head quarters being in the mother country. You can also pay them a visit and do inquiries online or visit one of their nearest certified travel agents affiliated to the airline with any questions.

Ethiopian Airways plane crash
With the high standards of security and maintenance, fewer air accidents involving Ethiopian airways flights have been witnessed since its inception in 1990. Unfortunately, back in 1996 23rd November, flight 961 belonging to the company was involved in a hijack and crash landed into water. Fortunately there were several survivors of the incident.

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