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How good is Ethiopian Airways?

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If you are thinking of flying Ethiopian Airways be sure to check out this review to see exactly how good it is in advance!

Ethiopian Airways aircraft
Ethiopian Airways use some of the finest aircraft in the world. Boeing is their major supplier and they became the first airliner in Africa to place an order for the state of the art Boeing Dreamliner aircraft.

Ethiopian Airways and star alliance
A glowing endorsement of Ethiopian Airways is the fact it is a member of the Star Alliance. This is a network of partner airlines which is the oldest such partnership in the world. The aim of the Star Alliance is to ensure that there are partner airlines available to cover the whole of the world. The Star Alliance has the strictest standards of safety and customer service so flyers can travel with confidence and see the Alliance membership as a glowing endorsement of Ethiopian Airways.

Ethiopian Airways baggage allowance
The baggage allowance for Ethiopian airways is very reasonable, so flyers can be sure that they will not have any problems bringing their things with them wherever it is they are going. The exact allowance depends upon whether the passenger is flying in business or economy class. For business class customers the allowance is 32KG and the allowance for an economy class passenger is 23KG. These regulations apply to flights over the Atlantic.

For other flights there is a free baggage allowance which will be stated on the ticket. The free allowance is increased for members of the airline’s premium club. Any baggage that exceeds the allowance will be allowed onboard at an extra cost, unless the flight is over the Atlantic, in which case the initially mentioned restrictions apply.

All the time I have been flying Ethiopian I had a baggage allowance of 48 kg and two times I brought over 80 kg. without any problems or extra cost.

Ethiopian Airways duty free
A wide range of goods can be purchased in flight at excellent prices. The name of the service is Sheba and it is possible to find bargains at up to 20% off the price they would cost elsewhere. The full, current menu of goods can be downloaded in a handy PDF format for anyone who wishes to browse what is available. I recommend the coffee.

Ethiopian Airways safe
Ethiopian Airways has the best safety record of all African airlines. Although there have been some safety incidents throughout the years, it is by far the safest airline operating on the continent. It is also worth bearing in mind for anyone who is concerned about the safety incidents that took place in the past, that Ethiopian now has a brand new fleet of some of the most advanced aircraft in the world, which have the most up to date safety features possible.

Ethiopian Airways entertainment
The entertainment offered by Ethiopian airways is second to none. They have a wide range of both video and audio options for anyone who wishes to pass time on their flight with something fun to watch and listen to. One of the more unique aspects of the Ethiopian airways experience is a series of over 30 films which highlight the culture and history of Ethiopia itself which is a great way to learn about the nation and its fascinating past, present and future.

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