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Africa has rapidly grown into a power house when it comes to air travel. The once minute and slow paced, sleeping giant, is finally waking up. According to statistics, most airplane manufacturers have found a new market in Africa, which is estimated to be worth over $100 billion.

To match this high demand in air travel within and outside Africa, it has seen the rise of some rather marvelous airliners. Among them being; Ethiopian Airways, South African airways, Kenya airways, Egypt air, Malawi air, Air Algerie, Air Botswana, TACR, Air Ivoire, Elysian Airlines, Air Guinea, Elysian Airlines and so many more others.

With so many numerous airliners setting up base in Africa, it’s a no brainer as to why Boeing and Airbus are so optimistic about doing business with Africa. In this article we shall try and take a keen look at one Airliner in particular; Ethiopian airways.

Ethiopian Airlines, formerly known as Ethiopian Air Lines was founded back in the year 1945 December the 21. The company carries the national flag by being the national carrier. It has its main offices over at Bole in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, as it’s commonly known, is a member of the star alliance. It has managed to take home some of the most coveted awards in its contribution towards the development of Africa’s aviation industry with outstanding and impeccable services. Among these awards include:

• 2012- Airline reliability performance from Bombardier on April 2012
• Airlines of the year 2009 awarded by the African Business Journal
• 2009- NEPAD Transport Infrastructure Excellence Awards in 2009
• In 2009- African cargo airline of the year awarded by STAT times
• 2011- deal of the year awarded by Air Finance Journal

Reservations and ticketing is like taking a walk to the park with Ethiopian Airways. All you need to do is to get your credit card or number if done online. You get a print out upon confirmation of payment. From there, all you have to do is to present the copy of the receipt upon boarding where you will be issued with an official receipt.

Security is one of the key aspects of consideration in any airliners plan. Passengers need to know and feel secure before, during and after flight. They need to know that the aircraft they are using will not develop technical difficulties mid air. It’s with this in mind that the airline has made it a point in ensuring that each and every single one of their planes undergo thorough inspection and maintenance so as to be at par with the international regulations and standards.

When it comes to check in and baggage, the company has incorporated software (Expedia) which assists travelers to keep real time track on their luggage during the flight and check out after landing. This has ensured that there are less mishaps and mix ups.

Currently the airline has a total of over 80 cargo and passenger aircrafts. It plies routes within America, Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Europe.

Ethiopian was the first African airliner to make a purchase of the dream liner. When it comes to comfort on board, clients enjoy onboard catering, movies, Wi-Fi (depending the booking class) drinks and cocktails and many more luxuries.

In order to retain their clients and attract new ones, the company offers millage rewards. This is when you get to trade in your millage for gifts while at other instances get a discount if you are a frequent user of a certain route(s).

Currently the airline flies to Nairobi, Kenya more than twice a week, with the prices being rather cheaper than other companies using the same routes. It also flies through Mumbai- India , Dubai, Nigeria, Kigali- Rwanda, South Africa and lots others countries round the globe.

Sitting their offices is so easy as they virtually have at least a single office in each country they operate in, to top it all up there are numerous other certified agents working on their behalf. This way you are sure that all your queries will be answered.

When it comes to flexing its muscle and stamping its dominance, the airline has not let boundaries to limit its expansion program. It is turning heads around within America itself by flying into Toronto and other cities within the US and Europe, it truly is the spirit of Africa.

Sheba miles are a loyalty program run under “Ethiopia”. The program has numerous benefits to those registered under it, this includes: a personalized card, personalized luggage tag, tier activity bonus when flying Ethiopia Air, priority when checking in regardless of booking class, advanced boarding, priority baggage handling, access to executive lounges in all Ethiopian Airlines departure airports, excess baggage allowance permitted in addition to normal allowance. Other services vary whether the individual has registered gold, silver or blue.

Most of those who have used their services have rated it at 6 out of 10, with many of them being satisfied with their quality services. Within Africa, it is seen as giving the giants i.e. Kenya Airways a run for their money.

Ethiopian Airport is located in Addis Ababa is one of the busiest one in the country. It’s a host to many foreign and local air companies based there. It also happens to be the home of the Ethiopian Air.

The management has incorporated state of the art technological equipment to enhance security within the facility. Passengers undergo screening while each worker has to move around with identification papers. Security personnel in both plain and uniformed police officers keep vigilant in ensuring the peace and tranquility.

While waiting for your flight, there are numerous shops and cafes to pass the time while waiting to board the plane. There are forex shops where you get to convert your currency after or before flight.

Enjoy low prices at the local duty free shops within the complex for those wishing to shop around.

Evidently the future looks bright for Ethiopian Airways. With loyal clients and their continual quest of being one of Africa’s best, there is so much to expect from this Airline.

For those wishing to visit them, you may do this by going online or by paying them a visit at their nearest office.

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